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Solving Today's Challenges, Training Tomorrow's Leaders


Leverage our expertise in developing tailor-made IT solutions designed specifically for government entities. From system integration to data security, we ensure that your organization operates seamlessly in the digital age.


Provide your team with the skills and knowledge essential to navigate the complexities of IT Solutions. Our training programs encompass a range of crucial IT topics, including full-stack development, Java engineering, C# engineering, and UI/UX. Elevate your team's proficiency and stay at the forefront in the ever-changing realm of information technology.

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Unlock Your Potential: Join Our Team of Innovators

Are you a student with a passion for creativity, project management, or coding? Look no further! Quad22 Technologies is on the lookout for talented individuals like you.

Explore Exciting Opportunities:

1. Graphic Designers:

Fuel your creativity and design the future. Join our team of Graphic Designers to turn ideas into visually stunning realities.

2. Project Managers:

Lead, organize, and drive success. As a Project Manager at Project Manager, you'll be at the forefront of shaping and executing impactful projects.

3. Developers (Java, C#, or Python):

Dive into the world of coding excellence. Join our team of Developers and be a part of cutting-edge projects using Java, C#, or Python.


Centered on Community 

Founded in 2020, Quad22 XCCEL is a forward-thinking 501c3 non-profit organization rooted in technology. Our dedicated mission is to provide comprehensive IT education, valuable resources, and essential services, all aimed at creating transformative opportunities that positively impact the lives of individuals residing in disadvantaged communities. Through our commitment to fostering technological literacy and empowerment, we aspire to make a lasting difference and contribute to the overall well-being of these communities.

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