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Digital Programmer

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery taking your first steps into the realm of coding with our Coding Basics Course!

Unlock Your Coding Potential with Coding Basic!

Discover if coding is the challenge you've been seeking — embark on this online course, guided by instructional videos and hands-on challenges, to prepare yourself for success in a coding bootcamp.

What Is Coding Basics?

Enrolling in our Coding Basics course won't turn you into a web developer, but it will introduce you to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This exposure enables you to proficiently use content management systems like WordPress or Squarespace, empowering you to create or tweak impressive websites. Additionally, you'll acquire basic coding skills, setting the stage for more advanced courses. This newfound knowledge will also improve your communication with developers in both your personal and professional spheres.





Remote (Online)

Full-Time 4 Weeks

Coding Basics
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Laptop Keyboard
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Remote Learning

When taught remotely, the Java Software Engineering course aims to closely emulate the in-person learning environment. This includes live instruction, interaction with instructors, the option to ask questions, and collaborative project work with your peers—all from the convenience of your home.

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